Peter Lindenberg, a renowned sportsman with almost four decades of motorsport experience, brought the Shelby name into South Africa in 2015. Met by a massive response, the new Shelby South Africa employees were whisked to Las Vegas to receive on the job training at the Shelby American facilities. Shelby South Africa was becoming more and more of a reality in late 2015, early 2016 and the South African fans could not wait to get their hands on their own Shelby.

Shelby South Africa officially got a head office and a zip code in South Africa at the Shelby Mod shop facility in Malmesbury, Western Cape, where the Shelby Mustang GT and the Shelby Mustang Super Snake derivatives were introduced, modified and upgraded. Very soon there after, early 2017, the models changed to a GTE and a new limited edition 50th anniversary Shelby Super Snake. This beauty of an anniversary car was only limited to 500 models, of which, 50 were made available to South Africa. Shelby South Africa had barely been introduced and Shelby’s were all the country could talk about.

On top of this early explosion into the motor industry, Shelby SA were also given the rights to 5 of Shelby American’s Terlingua upgrades, which is the most track capable upgrade that Shelby American has on offer. Four of these five have been sold already of this very limited edition Shelby! The South Africans were hungry for more.

The beauty of a brand like Shelby is in it’s heritage. Yes, Shelby South Africa sells everything that is new and improved however Shelby SA stays true to the origins and the roots of Shelby itself.
Which is why Shelby South Africa also secured the South African distribution rights for the Cobra, Daytona and Ford GT40. We want to bring everything that Shelby has on offer worldwide to our shores.