1. Customer is referred to Shelby South Africa by their preferred dealer, or via marketing activations.
  2. Shelby SA pick up the process from hereon and walk the customer through the Shelby order form.
  3. Customer needs to fill out an order form and then send it to Shelby South Africa with invoicing details.
  4. Shelby South Africa will issue an invoice for the full amount. The invoice will also show the deposit required.
  5. When Shelby South Africa have received proof of payment of the deposit, the kit will be ordered. 10 weeks from date of deposit to delivery of your Shelby Mustang, depending on the conversion being done the time period may vary
  6. On Signature of the order and payment of the deposit, Shelby SA place the order onto Shelby American. Shelby SA inform the customers preferred dealer of the order, and the dealer issues instruction to Motorvia to deliver the vehicle directly to Shelby SA at 20 Schoonspruit Street, Malmesbury, Western Cape 7300.
  7. On completion of the Shelby Conversion/Modification, which takes between 2- 3 weeks, the vehicle is returned to the dealer/customer at Shelby SA’s cost.
  8. In the event of the customer already being in possession of their vehicle, it is the customers responsibility to transport the said vehicle to Shelby SA’s facility, which Shelby SA is happy to assist in organising.
  9. Shelby South Africa will do a thorough check through of the vehicle on arrival and sign-off the state of vehicle.
  10. The dealer delivers the vehicle together with a Shelby warranty and ownership information document.