Ford and Shelby SA celebrate World Snake Day with the Shelby Super Snake

On the 16th July Ford and Shelby SA celebrated world snake day focusing on the iconic Shelby Super Snake and the history behind it. Shelby South Africa is an official Mod-shop of Shelby American with technicians trained by the Shelby American team in Las Vegas, Navada.

We launched Shelby in South Africa in 2016 and we have just loved watching the iconic muscle car brand grow the way it has in SA. The love for the Ford Mustang and the Shelby brand is so heartwarming, we just love seeing the excitement on peoples faces when they are met with a Shelby in person. The knowledge of the Shelby brand amongst all generations is simply mind blowing. Whether it’s a kid who recognizes the car from movies or games or an adult who knows the brand from its history and heritage from the inception of the brand with Carroll Shelby, or just the person drooling over the beautiful machine.

Shelby offer many different upgrade options but do not sell the base vehicle. The customer purchases the Ford Mustang from their Ford dealer of choice who would then send the vehicle to us, Shelby SA for the transformation process. Upgrades currently include the GTE, GT-H, Super Snake, Wide Body and the Carroll Shelby Signature edition.

Shelby American pride themselves with quality, innovation and unique modifications that the team spend endless time developing, always keeping the legendary Carroll Shelby top of mind ensuring he would approve of their every move.

It has been an incredible journey for us as Shelby South Africa to not only bring these iconic upgrades to South Africa but to share the history and heritage of this amazing brand with all South African’s.

This is the start of a very exciting journey with Ford Motor Company South Africa and we look forward to many more ventures together.

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