Shelby SA acknowledges the risk of COVID-19

Shelby South Africa ensures a safe environment at it’s showrooms, service centre’s and mod-shop during the COVID-19 pandemic

A WhatsApp line has been created for all those who are in self-isolation or quarantine.

Note we have taken all the necessary measures at our shops. We have ensured that our staff have the necessary vitamins and have taken hygiene to new heights. There is hand sanitiser available for staff and customers at various points of the shops and we have ensured that our cleaning and disinfecting is thorough.

We have taken all measures to ensure our staff have been well educated and are aware of the severity of the situation and the importance of utilising hand sanitiser to ensure they maintain both their personal hygiene and that of the space in which they work.

We have also implemented a safe, key drop-off system which discourages direct contact between people and we have take the responsibility to ensure that keys are sanitised and returned in the same manner.

If you are in self-isolation or quarantine, feel free to utilise our WhatsApp lines and follow us on social media. We will be doing our best to keep you updated on these platforms.

Shelby SA have also implemented after hours viewings and services by appointment or special request.

Our merchandise remains for sale online at with door-to-door delivery for your convenience.

WhatsApp lines:
Cape Town – 0762164275
Malmesbury – 0638760435
Sandton – 0832844916